Where are you located? 121 New Brighton Mall, The Barn Shop 7, New Brighton. We are the little wee shop inside Pottery Capital's studio. It is in front of Ray White. Parking and back entrance is also along Beresford Street. Back door can be accessed via Beresford Street and is beside Shoreline Fitness 24/7 Gym.

What to wear for my handbuilding/pottery wheel throwing class? Please don't wear rings, long sleeves, long hair should be pulled back.If you have long nails, you may find smoothening your creations will be difficult and also might create cracks on your creations.

Will I be able to pick up my pottery the way I left it? Pottery making is volatile. You are choosing to endeavour in a craft that has many variables. As such, we do not guarantee that your pottery will make it back to you the way that you left it. We do our best to care for your work as if it were our own. That being said... pieces break, pottery explodes, glazes run, cracks happen. Choosing to continue is your acknowledgment that you accept these variables as part of the learning process and understand that we will not refund, credit or replace any pottery that does not make it through the process. You are signing up for an experience, our environment, to co-create together and to enjoy the learning process.

Can I reschedule my class as I am unable to make my original booking? No shows or canceling will not receive a makeup or rescheduling option. We plan and prepare for you each class or for your group that is scheduled. We hold that spot just for you for each class/ workshop registered.

What is the class minimum? We reserve the right to cancel a class if minimum enrollments are not met. In which case, all class/workshop fees will be fully refunded. Our minimum number of students is 4.

Is there parking? Lots of car parking along Beresford Street or along Hawkes Street. Hawkes street is about 3 minutes walk to 121 The Barn.

What time is our arrival?Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled class/workshop or group.

When can I pick up my ceramic?Pottery is a process and we take about 4-6 weeks to get your pieces packaged up and ready for you. Any questions? Just ask! After your work is fired you have 30 days to pick up. We are not able to store pieces not picked up.

Do you offer private class? Yes we do. Please send us an email.

I have paid for my class via bank transfer. Do I get a payment confirmation? We do not send out payment confirmation. We normally message you 24 hours prior to your appointment. If confirmation is required please SMS us on 0226911883.

What if my course falls on a public holiday, will my course be pushed out a week? If your course tends to fall on a public holiday, class will not be cancelled nor pushed out a week. This however can be discussed with your tutor and everyone in your class for a collective agreement regarding a time and date if the following 6 weeks course isn't booked.

Do you offer wheel one on one class? Please message us for more info.

Cancellation policy? As a small, family-run business, we have been heavily impacted by cancellations due to COVID. We have tried to make our T&C’s as flexible as possible while still ensuring our business can continue to provide a unique and wonderful experience. We thank you for your understanding and agreeing to these conditions when you book with us. Please note that we do not accept cancellations to all classes. This applies to COVID related situation so please only purchase a class with us if you are aware that we are unable to make any exceptions to this policy. We do not grant refunds. This also applies to cancelled private classes. No exceptions.

How long can you hold my creations? We cannot hold more than 30 days. If piece is not picked up after 30 days from the day we post it on our Instagram story for pick up, we will either dispose or give your items away.

What if I am pregnant, can I still come in for pottery class? If you are pregnant, please wear gloves during the entire duration of your class.

Bank transfer and Credit/debit card payment? Bank transfer is available without any fees. Credit/debit card cost will be a little bit higher due to fee's associated with Stripe which is around 3.5% and processing fee depending on the cost.

Do you offer firing services? Yes we do. We fire at cone 5/6. Preference are for individuals who bought their clay in store and has enrolled classes with us.

Do you host parties, hens, birthdays, team building and private group? Yes. We require 6 participants minimum for special group event.

I have throwing experience want to come in for a few hours, can I rent a space to throw on the wheel? For non members, the cost will be $25 for 2 hours. Members can book and practice their skill by paying $40 per month.

Do I get a refund if my class work explode in the kiln? No. You will not get a refund. Creations exploding in the kiln is beyond our control and in pottery it does happen even if we follow all the steps to avoid this kiln fate.

Do you offer classes for kids? The minimum to attend classes is 13+